Certifications & Quality

Our Certifications
Hiep Thanh was one of the first pioneers for organic agriculture in Vietnam and is a founding member of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association. While not organic-certified, our other teas would be Rainforest Alliance-certified and/or FairTrade. Also, our producers would be certified for ISO 22000 for Food Safety Managemen System, a standard based on HACCP and ISO 9001 for Quality Management System.
We are certified through various certifying bodies such as Control Union and ACT Thailand.

Our Quality
From the very beginning, Hiep Thanh sought out the highest quality tea regions in Vietnam, literally and figuratively. From carefully cultivated highland tea to ancient forest tea trees, with our indigenous producers, Hiep Thanh built Vietnam’s once forgotten tea lands back to its rightful splendor of single-origin quality. With spices and herbs, we bring the same dedication to quality and attention to detail for our supply chains.
Hiep Thanh Certifications