Social Responsibility

Building Local Values
Though our operations span the entire gamut of product quality, our goal has always been on offering high-quality, highland, speciality, certified products with full traceability from origin to customer, helping build local values for our products and our producers.
With our producers, we support farmers with our nurseries, fertilizer, machinery, processing and agricultural extension services. At this point, we work with 10,000 households, 3000 of which are part of the 60 farmer groups and cooperatives we helped set up.

Giving Back
Many of our areas have some of the poorest and hardest reached communities in Vietnam. Lack of employment, non-existent infrastructure, and poor education are common problems. To have sustainable agriculture, the community around it must be sustainable for all participants. As such, Hiep Thanh makes sure it pays back to the community.
Some of our areas have their teas registered FairTrade, with premiums put back into the community through projects such as infrastructure, education and many others.
We also work with the youth nonprofit organization SANSE to provide scholarships for high school kids from the disadvantaged areas we work in.