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Lai Chau province’s tea is famous for its uniquely aromatic and honeyed taste from Northwest Vietnam. At elevations of 700-1700m, Lai Chau’s land has a large buildup of micronutrient that gives its tea a sweeter taste. We have two factories with near 2000 farmers to produce a large variety of mass market and speciality tea including Oolong, Green, Red, Sencha, Matcha, Oriental Beauty, Jasmine Tea etc.

We currently have 500 ha Rainforest Alliance certified, with another 100ha under organic conversion to be ready in 2019. The main cultivars at Lai Chau is Snow Shan, Jin Xuan, and others.

Tam Duong Tea Hills

The tourist trap that is Lao Cai province has a secret: some of the most ancient groves of highland forest white tippy Shan tea trees in Vietnam. Tourists often don’t see these treasures because the trees are located at some of the most remote and poverty-ridden villages in the country.

Through Ecolink, Hiep Thanh set up at Ban Lien commune, Bac Ha district in 2005.Together with over 200 ethnic minority households at the village we manage over 400 ha of supreme Vietnam tea situated at 800-1500m above sea level, certified organic and fairtrade.

Ancient Tea in Ban Lien

Ha Giang province is 274 km away from Hanoi and is to the east of Lao Cai. At heights of 800-1500m, like Lai Chau, Ha Giang gets its clean watersource straight from the Tay Con Linh mountain range. Yet, unlike Lai Chau, the eastern rains can still reach Ha Giang as the two mountain ranges (Hoang Lien Son and Tay Con Linh) forms a corridor for this rain to move through.

Hiep Thanh set up at Tien Nguyen commune, Quang Binh district in 2008. Certified organic in 2013, fairtrade in 2015, we now have control of over 600 ha of ancient tea trees, working with 500 households. From here we also produce organic/fairtrade ginger for export to Europe.

Yen Bai province is 233km away from Hanoi and has the Hoang Lien Son mountain range as a big part of its geography. Hiep Thanh has operations all over the province. For example, at an elevation of 900-1600m, Phin Ho commune, Tram Tau district (the poorest district in Vietnam) boasts 200ha of wild ancient tea trees 80-100 years old that we started investing in to produce Red, White, and Green Tea in 2017 from 150 households.

As it is situated East of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Yen Bai gets more eastern rain than Lao Cai or Lai Chau, giving its tea a deeper taste.

Ancient Yen Bai Tea
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